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Who are Holmes Family Law?


Here at Holmes Family Law we specialise in all aspects of family law matters. We offer expert advice on divorce, separation, civil partnership dissolution, pre and post nuptial agreements, children and financial issues, co-habitation including living agreements and child protection/social services involvement with your family. We also offer advice on Wills/Probate/Lasting Powers of Attorney and Elderly Client Advice.

Holmes Family Law are affiliated with Northumbria Police and large Housing Association firms, offering discounts to any Blue Light organisations.

We understand that telling a solicitor about yourself, your relationship and the difficulties that you are experiencing might be a bit daunting. There is no need to be anxious about speaking to us.

We guarantee to put you at ease, listen to what you have to say and explain what choices are available to you giving you the best course of action to proceed. As one of the leading Family Law specialists in the North East, we can help you.

Why Choose Holmes Family Law?

We believe that the service we provide to our clients at Holmes Family Law is different.

80% of people facing difficulties within their relationship or the prospect of their relationship ending go to see a family lawyer first,

why don’t you come to speak to us first at our office Whickham, call us or send an email.

All of our solicitors/Legal Executives are members of Resolution (www.resolution.org.uk) which requires it's members to follow a Code of Practice in order to minimise the conflict between separating couples and resolve disputes in a dignified, respectful way.


• A free initial consultation to help you decide upon the next steps you may wish to take.

• We recognise the need to be contactable outside of usual office hours to answer any queries or deal with urgent issues that may arise.

• We operate a 24/7 Family Law Advice Line where a qualified Solicitor is on hand to answer your call 24/7 365 days a week - 0191 500 9338 - Out of hours.


• Helen Holmes - Principal

• Cara Smith - Associate Solicitor

• Liz Brown - Assistant Solicitor

• Kimberley Pearson - Legal Executive

• Geoff Laws - Consultant

• Laura Fenwick - Paralegal

Where we can help you

Reaching an agreement

Our Lawyers have been negotiating on behalf of clients for a number of years and have a considerable amount of experience. We can talk you through how the negotiation/discussion process works and your role in it. If you feel that you would like to be more involved in the discussions/negotiations and work directly with your partner then there are a number of process options on offer and there are pros and cons of each. We will talk you through these so that you can make an informed choice.

Do i have to go to Court?

We have acted for a great many clients and have a number of years experience in representing clients in Court proceedings. We always advise our clients of the benefits of reaching agreement about the arrangements for children and financial matters without initiating Court proceedings but we do not shy away from commencing Court proceedings if it is clear that, despite our best efforts, there is no prospect of you reaching agreement with your former partner.

What is mediation? Can it help me?

Mediators are trained to help resolve disputes over all issues faced by separating couples, or specific issues such as arrangements for any children. A mediator will meet with you and your partner together and will identify those issues you can’t agree on and help you to try and reach agreement. Mediators are neutral and will not take sides, so they cannot give advice to either of you. They will usually recommend that you obtain legal advice alongside the mediation process and will guide you as to when this should happen.

What about the children?

If you have children and your relationship has come to an end, we understand that you will be concerned about how it will affect them. As Family Law Specialists we work hard to assist you to ensure you achieve the right outcome for you and your children following separation.

the prospect of Going to Court

The thought of Court proceedings to resolve issues about your children and family finances is a frightening prospect for people. With our wealth of experience in representing clients at Court we will provide you with the support you need if you are involved in Court proceedings and seeking to initiate proceedings.

How much will it cost?

We have a range of payment options available to you which we will discuss with you in our FREE NO OBLIGATION consultation, including fixed fees and low hourly rates. If you decide to instruct us to act on your behalf, we will be as up front as we can be about your likely costs going forward.

What Holmes Family Law Can Help you with


• Pre Marital Agreements (Pre Nuptial Agreements)

• Divorce and Separation

• Dissolution of Civil Partnership

• Separation Agreements

• Arrangements for Children when their parents’ relationship ends

• Cohabitation Disputes

• Financial arrangements when couples separate, divorce or dissolve their civil partnership

• Child Abduction

• Child Support

• Children spending time with their Grandparents when their parents separate

• Wills/Probate/Lasting Powers of Attorney

• Elderly Client Advice

What our clients think

feedback on how our clients have felt about our services

“I could write a thousand words to tell you what you mean to me but that wouldn’t be enough. I can never show you how much your support and kindness has meant”

L Finley

"During a difficult time I found them to be very understanding and patient, aiming to help me understand the situation and advising on my options."

Mr Foster

“Words are not enough to thank you all with all the support (especially on my out of hours calls), kindness and listening to me during those very difficult and painful months”

Miss T